Using Telnet/SSH over bridge connection

1. Pair BlackBerry Playbook and BlackBerry Phone for Bridge connection.

2. Turn on BlackBerry Bridge on Playbook and enable Bluetooth on Blackberry phone

3. Start Telnet/SSH and create session with required parameters. At least “Host name” and “Connection type” should be specified.

4. Choose “Connection”->”Proxy page” and configure:

Proxy Type: HTTP

Proxy hostname:

Port: 188.

5. Save session for future use.

6. Press “Open” to establish connection through the bridge.



  1. Please can you be more specific about how to do this… I am trying it but for some reason it’s not working. Here is what I got:

    BB Playbook -> bridge -> Blackberry 9800 -> 3G -> BES

    On the Blackberry I can connect to an internal office linux server via SSH anytime over the 3G connection. I would love to be able to do the same on the playbook without using a VPN when I am away from the office. From the post above it seems I your software should be able to let me do this, however when I try to connect using the proxy above I get the following:

    Flashing Cursor then “Server unexpectedly closed network connection”.

    • First establish a normal Bridge connection from PlayBook with your BB phone. Make sure you can browse the web after that. Your traffic should be going through 3G now.

      After that start Telnet/SSH and configure http proxy as explained at HOWTO page.
      Try to SSH to host to see if SSH is working.

      That’s how I used it with my BB 9900.

  2. I am having the same issue with server unexpectedly closing network connection. This occurs only on servers in my enterprise network (I am able to access those hosts through BES on my 9900). I can connect to an ssh server on the Internet even with wifi off on my playbook and blackberry. Is the proxy using BIS rather then BES? Any way to get to servers through BES?

    • I don’t have access to environment with BES. From what I found it’s similar to what Bridge provides (http proxy) but possibly in another port. I may create a simple app which will print network settings and will ask somebody with BES to run it for me. If you’ll be able to help please send me a direct email. Thanks!

  3. I’m having the same issue with the Playbook and my BB9900. I specifically bought this item because of the Bridge capabilities.

  4. I bought your ssh clienct for the “bridge” functionality. It does not work with the recommended settings. I get the same errors as above.

    • Recently Playbook Bridge was updated with BB10 devices support. I’m going to revisit this issue and will post update here.

  5. I updated Playbook software today and installed telnet/ssh.

    Over my regular LAN I can connect to the server “a.b.c” with the Playbook.

    I can browse with the Playbook using bridge.

    With Bridge and Torch with latest updates and the Proxy configured as described I get a blank ssh screen, no login prompt.

    Active sessions: *2. a.b.c 126×19

    Looking up host “a.b.c”
    Connecting to port 188

    I can look at things from the server I’m trying to connect to and don’t see anything in e.g. ps -ef for this.

    New session:
    To a different server
    Same blank-screen
    Active sessions: lists both

    What should I try, be looking at or looking for?

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