Telnet/SSH is a native SSH, Telnet, Rlogin client and terminal emulator.

This application allows you to access Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix systems or any other equipment which supports SSH or Telnet protocols. It can also provide a secure tunnel for other applications such as Web Browser, Email client, etc. E.g. together with RDP or VNC applications you can securely access your desktop. Based on PuTTY code. Now available for BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 devices!

Key features:

– Protocols SSH 1 and 2, Telnet, Rlogin, raw TCP connections

– Virtual keyboard with function keys (Ctrl, Alt, F1-F12, Arrows, etc.)

– Native clipboard support for copy / paste to other applications – Landscape / portrait mode with adaptive virtual keyboard

– Multiple session support

– Plain password and public-key authentication

– Port forwarding (tunneling) for other applications

– SSH compression

– Xterm emulation

– Extended key mapping

– Bluetooth keyboards support

– Keyboard auto-repeat feature on all standard keys

– Native application menu


  1. Hi,

    I just downloaded Telnet/SSH for my Z10 on the work side of the phone. It starts but all connections are refused; I tried an SSH with our solaris server and it comes back with unable to open connection to : ###.###.##.## Can’t assign requested address…

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hello Jean-Marc,
      Are you trying to connect over WiFi network? It looks like a network connectivity issue.
      Do you have any BES, VPN, Proxy in use on your device?

  2. Are there plans to update Telnet/SSH to work with the Q10? It really looks like a much better client than the other options.

    • UI needs to be redone for this form factor. Not sure when it’ll be done because of my other projects.

  3. Hello

    I like to use voip services call to international, if I download and can I call straight away? Do I need any other services and do I need to pay for that.

    Thank you.