Telephony service providers

Taki phone can be used with any VoIP provider that supports SIP protocol. Here is the list of service providers we recommend:

Provides VoIP service since 2004. Allows to make long distance calls on competitive rates, voice mail and conference service. Phone numbers from more then 60 countries, call back and SMS services. With every signup or recharge you contribute to open source projects.



SIP2SIP provides free server support for SIP signaling, RTP media (Audio and Video), NAT Traversal (including ICE), MSRP media (IM and File Transfers), Presence and XCAP (SIMPLE) and Multiparty Conferencing with wide band Audio, IM, File Transfers and Screen Sharing. This service runs on SIP Thor platform. The SIP accounts is reachable from any open network and you establish session to SIP and XMPP addresses or phone numbers. You can use multiple devices located on the public Internet or behind NAT routers.


Many people use IPTEL services for software/hardware interoperability testing or just as a way to call other people. The service allows incoming and outgoing calls from/to any other IP Telephony services (note: some commercial services stop calls to other Internet-based services).

Provides free SIP address, possibility to call other Ekiga users for free, public and private conference rooms.