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Taki approved in Built for BlackBerry® Program

BuiltForBlackBerry_Badge_onWHTTaki phone was approved in Built for BlackBerry® Program.

Built for BlackBerry. The signature BlackBerry 10 experience.
Built to keep you moving, apps and games with the Built for BlackBerry designation
provide the seamless performance and integrated experience you’ve come to love. Look
for the Built for BlackBerry badge to identify apps and games that deliver the signature
BlackBerry 10 experience.

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Taki 1.9.6

taki-196 More improvements on the way in this release:

– Accounts configured with TCP transport now correctly use transport in all SIP transactions.

– Fixes for VoIP services provided on alternative ports.

– Use outbound proxy only when enabled.

If you experience any issues with the softphone please don’t hesitate to contact Support. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!

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Taki 1.9.5

This release brings couple of improvements and optimizations:

– Added possibility to specify network preference.

Now you can configure Taki to work only when the phone is in Wi-Fi coverage. Or alternatively, only when the phone has cellular connection. These options are available at “Settings” screen in application menu.

– As a preparation for the “headless” mode, audio stack was optimized to reduce CPU and battery consumption while on call.
– New Email option was added to Support screen. It allows to email application log to developers or your local SIP guru.


Thanks for you feedback and support which allow these updates to come.

Happy holidays!xmas-taki-in-hat


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Taki 1.9.3

Z30_Front_taki193Added support for Z30 phone.

Now all current Blackberry 10 phones covered: Z10, Z30, Q10, Q5 and Blackberry PlayBook too.

If you are looking for a SIP client for your Blackberry phone – you found the right one. Taki is the most stable, feature rich phone on Blackberry 10 platform.

Thanks for your comment and feedback!

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Taki 1.9.2

Based on your feedback, this release brings more improvements:

– Allow to use Speaker and Mute buttons immediately after call start
– On Q5, Q10 allow to send DTMFs directly from the keyboard without opening the dialplad
– Allow to place calls even when no Contacts permissions are given

Thanks for sending your comments and suggestions!

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Taki 1.9.1

Minor release which added COPY/PASTE functionality to text edit controls.

E.g. now phone number can be ‘copied’ from the web page ‘pasted’ into Taki dial field. Also, while configuring Taki, now it’s possible to paste password which should prevent typo errors.

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Taki 1.9.0

This release available for Blackberry 10 devices.


– Added Instant Messaging support via SIP MESSAGE. Messages can be sent from the application menu or from the Contacts tab. Some VoIP providers allows you to send/receive SMSs using this technology.

– Bug fixes and stability improvements.

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Taki 1.8.0


– Implement Blind and Attended transfer (using REFER method). Please check documentation of your PBX to see if this feature is supported and how to enable it.

– Core changes to improve responsiveness of UI.

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Taki 1.7.3

Changelog for Taki 1.7.3:

– Fix issue with posting CDR to call history.
– Initialize re-register timers for registration error cases.

Thanks for everyone who reported problems and send their suggestions.