Taki introduction

Taki is a cross-platform SIP softphone. First release brings Taki to the BlackBerry PlayBook. It is available in BlackBerry AppWorld right now.

Phone calls can be made over Wi-Fi or 4G LTE connection. Taki phone can be used with any SIP provider. If you don’t have a SIP account yet, please check our list of recommended VoIP providers.

For the best experience we recommend to make phone calls with headphones attached to your PlayBook. It’ll eliminate the echo and gives you a better audio quality.

This project is in active development and your feedback is very welcome.  Stay tuned for news and new features.

Thank you for your support!



  1. Unable. to setup system. What is sip domain. Is the display name kofi Asante?

    • In “Display name” you can put your real name. If your SIP provider supports it, it’ll be presented to a called party.

      In “SIP domain” field you should put your SIP provider domain name.
      E.g. if your SIP address is kofi@my-voip-provider.com then in SIP domain name you’ll put my-voip-provider.com.

  2. Hi, I like the layout of your app but cannot get it to register with my office MITEL pbx. When I check the logs I get errors saying it cannot find the STUN server. I have tried connecting through NAT on my home network and on my office LAN common to the PBX and still cannot register. I have checked the username and login and they are correct. I have used both the IP for my server and the FQDN. Any suggestions?

    • The message about STUN is not the issue, you may ignore it. In SIP domain field are your specifying your host something like like:
      192.168.xxx.xxx or my-voip-provider.com ?

      On the log page you can press copy, then paste it in email and send me a log. Make sure you have “SIP messages” enabled on the same page. I’ll take a look.

  3. My sip provider (onsip.com) requires an authorization name to connect. Any plans to support that feature?

    • Yes it’ll be supported. I’m working on a new version with multiple accounts support and advanced settings screen. Among other settings there will a separate field for AuthId in case it is different from Username.

  4. Есть учётная запись в Skype, в настройках прописываю логин, пароль и домен skype.com, сохраняю, пишет, что готов. При попытке позвонить пытается набрать без звука и через 15 сек завершает, так как, время истекло. Может надо что-то в настройках дописать?