Taki 1.9.9

- Use the new API for screen guard instead of blocking the screen within the app. This will prevent the app from being minimized when taking on the phone and phone touches the head.

– Added support for auto call recording of every call. Can be enabled  at: Account->Edit->Calls->”Auto call recordings” settings.

– New option to auto-answer all calls in Account->Edit->Calls. This can be used in a call center environment when the calls are controlled by a third party application. Choosing different Ring tone allows the call to be answered with or without any ring (or beep).


– Media Codec priority was reverted, meaning “1” to be the codec that will be used first, “8” – to be used last.

– On Dialpad tab, click on “Call” button, puts the last dialed number to the number input. It can be used for fast redial.

– Added support for a new Passport device.


– UI design cleanup and improvements for all phone models.

Thank you for you support and suggestions. Headless mode is currently in development and is feasible with the improvements and fixes made in 10.3 OS. To speedup this development please consider donation to the project. Thanks!

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