Taki 1.9.7 and 1.9.8

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What’s new in 1.9.7:
– Improved operation in “Speaker” mode. Fixed click sound when switching to Speaker mode. Transition was made as smooth as underlying sound library allows.
– New “Add” button in Account action menu. Now SIP account can be added selecting “Add new account” from the drop down list at Accounts tab or choosing “Add” in action menu.
– Address book fixes for number formatting. Fixed displaying contacts when number was the only specified field.
– Introduce contact sort order: by First, Last, Company name. New tab was added to application Settings which allows to sort and display contacts using various combinations  of First, Last and Company names.
– Call area layouts fixed to handle long names.
– New style for drop down lists.
– Added support of compact form of SIP headers. This option available from the application menu: Settings->Transport. It allows to encode SIP headers in their short forms to reduce size. By default, SIP headers in outgoing messages will be encoded in their full names. This options can be used to reduce traffic or to deal with a UDP fragmentation when the messages size becomes too big for UDP packet, especially when all audio codecs are enabled.
– Fix active “Settings” tab when opened from “Call history” setting opening tab
– Fix default account selection on Dialer screen
– Various audio and performance optimizations.
Taki 1.9.8
– Fix a crash when access to “shared” folder wasn’t granted.

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