Taki 1.9.0

This release available for Blackberry 10 devices.


– Added Instant Messaging support via SIP MESSAGE. Messages can be sent from the application menu or from the Contacts tab. Some VoIP providers allows you to send/receive SMSs using this technology.

– Bug fixes and stability improvements.


  1. Hi,
    I have been unable to make any calls on my BB Z10. I have registered with sip2sip.info and ekiga.net. All calls end almost immediately. Message = ‘User not Found’ or ‘Not Here’. Might this be related to my BB being on a company device using a BES? Below is the server log from one call using sip2sip.
    Thank you very much for your help.

    • Here is the setting I’ve use with sip2sip. In Taki at Accounts tab:
      Add new account
      Your name: put your name…
      user name: takitest
      Password: mypassword..
      Domain: sip2sip.info
      Register: checked
      and press Save..

      After that, if username and password is correct Taki will register at sip2sip.
      In your trace you were calling 289xxxxxxx number. SIP2SIP doesn’t provide termination to regular phone numbers. It allow you to make SIP to SIP calls only. So calling 289xxxxxxx will be correct only if 289xxxxxxx is another SIP2SIP account, otherwise their system will reply: “user not found”. If you have more questions please mail me directly.

  2. hi , I am using BB Z10
    is your taki working fine with voipdiscount?? i have tried sip.fm but not working!! pls suggest!

    • Here is the comment of one of the customers on Appworld page:
      very good
      it works pretty well with my voipdiscount account, the call quality is similar to using my pc. i am happy with it, the setup is straight forward too.