Taki 1.6.0

New Taki SIP softphone release brings major improvement for Contacts tab. It fixes the issue with Blackberry API due to which only a portion of contacts were loaded. Thanks to everyone who reported this issue and helped with troubleshooting. This release supports both Z10 and Q10 phones.

Changelog 1.6.0:
– Contacts tab reworked to display all contacts.
– History tab updated to provide one touch dial and call details.
– De-register on exit.
– UI and stability improvements.


  1. I would like to change ring tone but can’t figure out where to do this. I can’t find it in the documentation. Can you assist?

    • If you open Account tab and tap on “Action menu” (3 vertical dots) you’ll see Edit. Edit opens detail account settings where you’ll be able to set ring tones.