1. Hi,

    Still loving this app.

    A few enhancement requests:
    1. Can you include a tiny spectrum analyzer graphic somewhere during a call? A couple of times i made a call but the master volume on my playbook was all the way down so i wasnt hearing the other side pick up until i figured out the vol was off. Or better yet, include a small warning text on the dial screen if master volume =0.

    2. To the right of the dialpad on the dialer screen, can you include a list of contact names that i can scroll up/down with my right thumb when screen is horizontal? When i click the contact it should pop the number into the dial input. Not to dial until i click call though to avoid accidental dial. Seems better to integrate the call screen + contact screen.

    3. Let me copy/paste phone numbers in the input text on the dialer screen.

    4. Let me enter letters into the dialer input. Convert these to the appropriate number on the dialpad. A=2,b=2,c=2,d=3,etc

    5. Make the dtmf tone on audio output when i press the number on the dialpad. Just gives me that phone feel. You can make this a toggle in settings.

    Again, thanks this app is still the best! Great work!