Taki 1.4.0 release

Long awaited update is ready. Here is the summary of changes:

– Ring tones.
– Speaker support. (BB10)
– Proximity sensor support. Dim the screen when on call. (BB10)
– Display call error on failed calls.
– Fix for caller ID name on inbound calls.
– Call buttons style. Don’t change button names.
– Help window with user guide. Logs moved to Support.

This update brings speakerphone support on Blackberry 10 platform. This becomes possible after the latest development in PJSIP library. Now Taki notifies about incoming call in a normal way: through the speaker. You can also use the phone hands free enabling speaker while on call.

This update includes support of proximity sensor. When you hold the phone near your head the screen dims to prevent unwanted button pushes.

For Blackberry PlayBook this update brings UI improvements and more interface polishing.


  1. Will it work with OS 7.1

    • It wont. Only QNX based platforms are supported: PlayBook, and BlackBerry 10 devices

  2. Iam still on version 1.3. When. Come 1.4 tot PlayBook store?

    • It’s pending in app world waiting for approval. Should become available any day now.

  3. Thank you

  4. Hi! I’m using the version 1.4 on a Z10 device, and it works great… just wondering if will be a future version that don’t need to have an open application to run? Just in background?
    Thanks for this great apps!

  5. It works great on the PlayBook!, I was not able to use it with my VoIP Provider (Net2Phone) until this last version.

    Can you guys make it work on Bridge please? It does not register and can’t make calls.

    Via modem with my BB I do register and calls connect fine but I don’t have audio at all

    Thank you

  6. I have a sip account at whl@net2phone.com. However I am unable to add my account in this application

  7. Great app!

    I bought an early version and was able to update/upgrade a number of times. However, I didn’t get a notification to go from 1.3 to 1.4, and Blackberry World on my Playbook still only shows 1.3 as the available version.
    Is there a limit as to how many free updates/upgrades one gets – will I have to buy the latest version?

    • There are no limit on updates and eventually you’ll get this version for free.
      The Playbook Taki release is not approved by Blackberry yet and is waiting in the queue for almost a month now.

  8. No news. For version 1.4 for the. PlayBook yet ?
    Thank. You

    • PlayBook release is stuck in Appworld for approval. No change on the status and I’ve already opened a support ticket for this issue and no reply on that… I’ve noticed non of the apps I have on my Playbook are getting any updates for the last weeks. Do you have the same?

  9. Updated and soms other apps too 2 days ago

  10. Bluetooth headset on Playbook supported?

    • Headset is not supported by PlayBook Bluetooth profile. If you’ll find headphones that you’ll be able to pair with PlayBook, Taki should be able to use it too.