Taki 1.2.0 – BB10 release

This release brings support of future Blackberry 10 devices. User interface was reworked to be suitable for BB10 phones. Please let me know what do you think. Thank you for your support, suggestions and bug reports.


– UI layout adjusted to be more suitable for BB10 devices.

– visual notification on inbound call with a red LED.

– when inbound call is ringing the status showed as “dialing”. Should show as “ringing”. FIXED.

– settings->general settings. Setting all binding checkboxes to none caused a crash an also on each subsequent start. FIXED.

– crashes on Save settings. Fixed a few of them.

– single star character showed up unexpectedly in settings->advanced->user->sip authentication->realm.FIXED.


  1. Please help on how to configure Skype. Filled in tabs as suggested but can’t make calls??

    • To make Skype calls with Taki you need to have Skype SIP Profile. Please check Skype web site for details.
      When you’ll receive your SIP credentials you’ll be able to configure them in Taki: Username, Password, Domain.

  2. Is it possible to include option to remain in memory? Also to wake from sleep on ring? Notify of new call by opening the notification window? Change ringtone? Integrate with contact book?

    Great app! Love it.

    • Integration with the phone address book will be available on BB10 platform. Currently Playbook doesn’t provide API for accessing contacts.
      I’ve added other features you’ve mentioned to my TODO list. Thanks!