Taki 1.0.2 released

This release fix authentication issue for the case when Realm on the server differs from the SIP domain. This might be the case on Asterisk based systems where SIP realm by default set to ‘asterisk’. Changes made in Taki allows to use specified Username and Password with any Realm, so you’ll be able to register and make calls without adjusting settings on your PBX.

Another minor change was the default Taki port which from now is set to 5060.


  1. I cannot download the upgrade. I just get error code 35005.
    I am using a PlayBook running OS 2.0.

    • It may be a temporary AppWorld error. Also you may try to reboot your PlayBook and try again.

  2. Hi,

    Do you have snap shots on the configuration and set up. I can make calls out, but cannot receive calls on my inbound DID. My supplier says my account works on his softphone for both inbound and outbound, so it must be my settings and i’m missing something. Is there documentation i can review or download??

    Thnaks Keith

    • Please make sure you have “Register” checkbox checked. That’s the option that’s usually required for inbound calls.
      Also I would try to use the phone in another Wifi net. It might be the router, firewall, NAT config that prevents you from receiving calls.