No audio

UPDATE from 10/25/2013:

Blackberry fixed this issue in their  10.2.0424 OS release.

Original issue

Several customers reported no audio issue when they are using Taki softphone. In most cases they were able to configure Taki and make successful calls, but then suddenly something happens and they have no audio on calls anymore. Usually phone reboot fix  the issue.

Trying to pin point this problem we found:

– Other SIP phones on Blackberry platform and other application which are using  Blackberry Audio Manager API are affected.

– If some application which is using Audio Manager API mutes the audio channel, no other application are able to unmute it and restore audio. Blackberry is aware of this bug and have ticket open in their system. No ETA when it’ll be resolved.

I’ll update this post as more information becomes available.


New application AudioLoopBack become available in Blackberry world which allows to test audio system of Blackberry phone. When you have issue with no audio in Taki, this application won’t play audio too. In addition, AudioLoopBack unmute all playback devices and after phone reboot audio subsystem should function properly again. You can download it from here.

UPDATE from the customer 09/13/2013:

Just wanted to mention that the permanently muted audio problem also happens when you simply reduce the volume to zero with the volume keys at the side. Taki doesn’t have to be running at this point. Once it happened, neither Taki nor Bria play any audio anymore until reboot. Funny enough, Skype as Android app is not affected.

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