How To Make Cheap VOIP Calls Worldwide from your BlackBerry using Taki and Callcentric

Taki SIP configuration for Callcentric

Taki SIP app running on Callcentric service

Recently UTB blog published an article about using Taki on BlackBerry Z30 with Callcentric service.  From the comments:

Omnitech on said:

BTW, there are no settings to configure? I assume they have a profile for Callcentric already in that app?

Because when I was messing around for this, there were configuration options for days…

That’s one reason I chose Taki for the post. It just worked immediately without modification. Easy peasy!


Indeed it’s easy to start using Taki with its basic account configuration screen. For the cases when you need advance SIP settings there are plenty of them, just tap on the Action menu (vertical dots) at Account tab or pull from the top of the screen for general settings.

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