Taki configuration for Sipgate.de

Sipgate.de Taki configuration

Configuring Taki for Sipgate.de

New instructions how to configure Taki on your Blackberry phone with German VoIP provider Sipgrate.de was published on their site.


  1. How do I configure my Z10 smart phone.

  2. I have Taki on my PlayBook and my Q10, I am having problems to make a call:
    On my Q10 is I use iptel.org keep telling me that “PSTN not permited”
    If I used sip2sip.info keep telling me ” User not found”
    Is there any setting that I need to change?
    Thank you.

    • iptel and sip2sip only allow to call SIP users of the same service. To call PSTN you needs an account from commercial voip provider.